Hotter and wetter in the Netherlands?

Story telling in case of climate change is very important. And visualizations tell more than data alone. Here you can find my visualization based on KNMI data. KNMI (The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) is the Dutch national weather service.

Days with a temperature above 25 degrees are regarded as a hot day by KNMI. In the graph the number of hot days are counted in periods of ten years since 1908 in de Bilt, a town in the centre of the Netherlands. In the visualization it is shown that in the last 30 years the number of hot days are increasing.
The graph is interactive. You can set the threshold of 25 degrees to a lower or higher temperature. Also you can see the data of four other locations in the Netherlands. It is worth to have a look at Maastricht.

Also I have looked at the daily amounts of rain, see the precipitation tab. Here the data is available of the last 60 years, so I have set the periods to five years. This visualization is also interactive and to play with.

Let me know if you find some interesting facts in this visualization.

Click here for my interactive visualization